About Us

I am Jonathan Ellis. Misty and I met in high school and were married in 1999. At the age of 9, I put my faith in Jesus and was save during a Youth Camp service in North Carolina. Misty was saved in my parent’s living room in 1999. God has saved all five of our children! Praise the LORD!

Brianna is our oldest. Brianna started singing the day she was born! She plays fiddle, guitar and piano as well as singing lead and harmony vocals. God has given Brianna a talent for writing songs. She is very careful in staying true to sound biblical doctrine in her song writing.
Caleb picks the mandolin and sings lead and backup vocals. Caleb is currently studying for a Computer Tech degree in college. He enjoys making recording in his home recording studio. He picks a Ratliff Country Boy Mandolin made by Audey Ratliff in Church Hill, TN.
Benjamin picks the flat top guitar as well as singing lead and backup vocals. Benjamin is a talented young man who can play most any instrument he picks up. He currently plays a custom Martin D-28 guitar. Benjamin has written several of the songs that we play.
Our youngest daughter, Brinly, is a beautiful outgoing young lady who sings lead and harmony. She is an animal lover who has owned horses, goats, dogs, chickens and a guinea pig! Brinly plays the fiddle, piano, and guitar.
This is our youngest son, Joshua. He is a great blessing, and we are so thankful God saw fit to give him to us. He sings lead and harmony vocals. He enjoys being outdoors and is always busy. He loves passing out Gospel tracts. Joshua is learning to play guitar and bass.